Our Services

Gib.holiday offers bespoke experiences within Gibraltar and nearby Spain known as the Campo de Gibraltar. You will by now have sussed out that Gib is the local way to shorten Gibraltar (a bit of a mouth full).

The demand for these services came from visitor feedback, who enquired about activities and experiences the mainstream travel and tour providers were just not offering. Whilst we offer unforgettable experiences through unique world pioneering activities, we also offer the traditional vanilla trips and sight seeing tours so you can tick off that box if this is your first visit to Gibraltar. Visit Gib.tours for a multi lingual, enhanced personal tour of Gibraltar.
www.gib.tours app download.
www.gib.tours will give you an enhanced experience, with accurate historical information and interesting anecdotal stories, in text and audio in the language of your choice, accompanied with  old photos, maps and images so you can visualise what is being described.
No matter at what time you want to start or how fast or slow you want to take it, there is no group to wait for and no guide you can’t hear or understand. Gib.tours has a variety of routes to suite your time schedule, interests and mode of transport; even if these are your legs. The important thing is that you don’t get lost, or miss out on the important stuff. By all means you can add the app to a minibus tour to better your experience.
On behalf of Gib.tours; ‘If you are looking for a bespoke experience, don’t be shy and contact us through this page or our own and we will be happy to discuss the best options for you’. ‘We will be more than happy to provide you advice all matters relating your stay in Gibraltar’.

Gib.holiday is affiliated with Special Ops Gibraltar (SOG); an activity provider who’s product is adventure and excitement, whilst also experiencing corners of Gibraltar you cannot imagine. SOG offers several products such as Call of Duty Lazer-Tag, Walking Dead Zombie Survival, Speedboat tours and snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Caving, WWII tunnel tours and www.espionage.games.  Subscribe to the Special Ops Gibraltar Youtube Channel and facebook pages for teaser clips, contact details and more info.